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The Goa'uld are complicated to explain, as they have over eight years of backstory, but I will attempt to compile various articles and video clips to provide a (hopefully) brief overview of the species, and Anubis in particular.

Video clips

Purpose of this clip: voice effect demonstration, Anubis' speech patterns and behavior. Anubis (the man on the throne) has unique voice effects due to his semi-Ascension, whereas Ba'al presents the more typical flanging of the Goa'uld voice.

Purpose of this clip: more voice effect demonstration, eye glow effect demonstration. The Goa'uld in this clip is Tanith, not Anubis, but the personality is similar.


Symbiotes - includes physiology, racial traits and tendencies, and special abilities.

Ribbon device - basically a System Lord's multitool. It consists of a red gem in the center of the palm, attached to golden sharp-tipped finger caps and a wide gold band that spirals up the arm. Ribbon devices are always worn on the left hand. The gem emits a yellow beam that, when focused on a victim's forehead, causes temporary paralysis and excruciating pain. Extended exposure causes death through cerebral hemorrhage. It can also be used to emit a blast that throws enemies back by several yards. Some system lords have modified their ribbon devices to serve additional purposes, such as remote controlling devices for ring transporters, Asgard beaming technology, and so on. However, most are merely used for torture and interrogation.

Anubis - episode-specific mentions and appearances of Anubis. Some info on his backstory, but not in chronological order. This Anubis is from General Daniel Jackson's universe, so anything pertaining to his active efforts to conquer the galaxy beginning in season six did not happen in this version.

Anubis (original mythology) - Wikipedia's article about the Egyptian deity, which is not really vital to this Anubis' past or personality, but there are some elements of the mythology that the Goa'uld have incorporated into their worship.

Ascension - Wikipedia's article on the concept of Ascension in Stargate, how to achieve it, what the powers and limitations are, and so on. It's also worth noting that General Jackson, unlike the canon Daniel, has never met an Ancient and therefore has never Ascended.


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